Call Me If You Get Lost
A series of visual merchandise for Tyler, the Creator's album release
I intentionally chose a heavyweight, high quality cotton shirt because the boxy cut is very on-trend in the streetwear scene. Each colorway is derived from the album cover, and each design pays homage to a specific reference from the storytelling within the album.
My concept behind the ID design (left) is that fans could customize their shirt with their own photo. This increases the value and creates 1/1 experiences.
Creating a cohesive narrative between all channels, the "Tyler Baudelaire" tee (middle) pulls from an iconic shot in one of the album's music videos. The eye-catching cinematography contrasted against a sepia background is reminiscent of a nostalgic postcard.
Lastly, the CMIYGL (right) shirt is the titular piece containing no explicit visual references to Tyler, the Creator but creates an exclusive camaraderie of "if you know, you know" with fellow fans.

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