Vans U.S. Open of Surfing
True to the Vans brand, this visual system captures the punk rock, rebellious, coloring outside the lines ideology central to extreme sports like surfboarding and skateboarding.
I was inspired by postmodernism, specifically David Carson, to cut through the noise of boring, clean posters with this maximalist medley of typography, textures, and colorized imagery.
The type is meant to feel loud and full of life, bleeding off the page as a decorative element layered beneath texture after texture, blurred and distorted at the borderline of being unrecognizable. This campaign is vibrant, expressive, and guaranteed to grab your attention.
I designed this POAP (proof of attendance pass) to demonstrate how an iconic brand like Vans can leverage web3 blockchain technology in an immediate context to boost brand equity, get people talking, and garner traction online through the likely UGC from event attendees showing off their POAPs.

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